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We aim to improve your business by developing innovative and collaborative operating models  within your organization.
We help you to create and implement customised activities that generate real value by leveraging your business potential.
Our expertise can help improving your competitive performance by working on three different Area (ABC): Advanced Innovation & Change Management, Business Development, Competence Training & Skills Development


Markets are moving faster than ever before. The only constant is change.
To compete successfully we need to implement business and operating models that have to be: flexible, effective and efficient, integrated and results-oriented.
We have the power to support your business models changement and create a better collaborative environment across the entire enterprise.

Why Pentaconsulting

Over the last 20 years we have established a powerful network of skilled professionals that relies on an innovative services platform to help our customers improving their business.
Pentaconsulting push innovation and boost business performance. We do this by working on three different levels: communication, marketing and sales.
Our main focus is to help our customers to develop a future proof operational structure: more collaborative, flexible and efficient.

  • Reliable and robust DB market

  • Internal Call Center

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Events Led


Trained People

Our Services

Advanced COMPANY Collaboration development

In order to meet the challenges of change and smarter address the new scenario of interconnected work –remote and onsite– Mr. Smartworking every company must leverage on Collaborative Management culture and the effectiveness of Operations.

To achieve this goal, we have developed the customizable ACOR path, based on the consolidated experience in business development and on the proprietary MINDUP Methodology.
ACOR consists of: management consulting, on-the-job training, introduction of a structured method and a specific coaching program for the implementation of flexible, integrated and result-oriented operational structures.

ACOR is oriented towards people and their operational capacity. People are the real business differentiator on which to leverage to continue to compete successfully.

PLM-Cax - I4.0
Massimo Fucci
Advisor/Evangelist – Pentaconsulting’s Founder


  • Market Analysis-Business Intelligence

  • Management consulting

  • MQL Development

  • Lead Nurturing

  • Marketing Database Development

  • Business Communication & Event

  • Channel Development

  • Mind Mapping for Pre/Post-sales Sales

  • Set Up Italian Operation


  • Supplier/Solution Analysis and Positioning

  • Management Consulting

  • Workshop on Innovation

  • IT Infrastructure and Application Assessment/ Review / Development

  • Industry Big Event

  • ECD (Enviroment Collaboration Development)

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Marketing & Business development

Generating Sales Opportunities remains a core activity for all companies.

In order to achieve business results, in support of internal sales force, it is necessary to put in place activities for the generation of potential contacts (LEAD) end-users in compliance with GDPR rules and with new partners for the indirect sales channel.

In order to meet these needs, Pentaconsulting has developed a family of customizable paths MOSSA (Marketing Operational to Support of Sales Activities), based on the custom MindUp Methodology.

MOSSA paths are led by a team of specialists with marketing, communication and social, that can leverage on proprietary profiled database, a proprietary ecosystem of integrated business communication channels (portal, newsletter, blog, social, call center, online magazine).

Pentaconsulting Publisher Communication

7 different lines of B2B business communication publishing:
  • NewsImpresa: italian portal to communicate with industrial/manufacturing market.

  • Customer Magazine on demand: Digital and paper custom content, the ideal tool to match full content marketing and business communication needs.

  • MindUp Digital Magazine

  • Social Business Communication: Linkedin – Instagram – Twitter

  • Blog: V4M (Value For Manager)

  • Inno2Change Newsletter

  • Books: Professional and business oriented production targeting specific and strategic content.

Competence Improvement

In an era in which infrastructure and machinery can be acquired by everyone, skills and their implementation in the company represent the only certain qualifying element for each individual company. For this reason, training must be treated as a key element to support the ability of companies to compete.Years of experience have taught us that Training must be functional to a personal and corporate growth plan and, above all, must be able to show the first results in a short time.

In order to meet these needs, Pentaconsulting has developed an articulated portfolio of courses and customizable paths based on the MINDUP Custom Methodology and on the FSC (Training on the job) operating method.
Modalities and timing of courses and paths are customizable according to be achieved.
Delivery is flexible: online on the platform, in presence. Or an intelligent mix of online and in-presence.

The portfolio, called MINDUP FORMAZIONE, is divided into 5 areas:

  • Management and People Management

  • Methods for Business Operations

  • Marketing & Sales Department

  • Technical Department

  • Operation Department

Industry BIG Event

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